Science Communication activities

I am an active science communicator on social media #SciComm with more than 6000 followers, notably on Instagram and @catherinecimonpaquet. I also created a scientific podcast named Entropie Lab (more than 4500 downloads) and a youtube channel with statistics tutorials. I blog on giftedness on Substack. I have been invited to participate in several French Canadian podcasts episodes including Parents pour la 1re fois, Infuse magazine, Les Neurodivertissantes, Grandir Ensemble, Folie Douce, Vérité ou Quoi?, Buzzé tête, and Selon une étude.

If you are a graduate student interested in #SciComm, please consider applying for ComSciCon-QC 2023! I am a part of the organizing committee and it is going to be amazing!


EDI at Every Level: Inequities and Under-Representation in STEM by Emma Anderson, Kaitlyn Easson, Kaitlin Kharas, Jina Kum, and Catherine Cimon-Paquet from Science & Policy Exchange and Toronto Science Policy Network. Read it on Canadian Science Policy Centre website.

Twitch - Sciences La Carte

On the grill - We discuss mental health with Catherine Cimon-Paquet, doctoral student in psychology at UQAM

Podcasts (all in French)

Entropie Lab by Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Listen on Spotify

Vérité ou Quoi? [Truth or what?]

Identifying intellectual giftedness - Catherine St-Pierre and Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Work & well-being - Jacques Forest et Catherine Cimon-Paque

Infuse Magazine

What is Giftedness? - Juliette Francois-Sevigny and Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Parents pour la première fois [Parents for the first time]

Giftedness - Catherine Cimon-Paquet, psychology researcher

Papa PhD

The importance of science communication - Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Selon une étude [According to a study]

Giftedness - Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Grandir Ensemble [Growing up together]

Giftedness - Leslie-Ann Knapp and Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Les Neurodivertissantes [podcast on neurodiversity]

Can we study happiness? - Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Buzze Tete [podcast on psychology]

The science of happiness - Catherine Cimon-Paquet On Giftedness - Catherine Cimon-Paquet


Folie douce [tender madness]

Giftedness and mental health - Catherine Cimon-Paquet

Blog posts and other publications (written format)

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2022). L’autocompassion pour mieux naviguer à travers les tempêtes. Magazine Ça va maman?. [Self-compassion to better navigate through the storms. Are you OK mom? magazine]. [Blog Post].

Lefebvre, E. & Cimon-Paquet, C. (2022). L’acceptation des émotions au coeur du bien-être. [ The acceptance of emotions at the heart of well-being.] La Fibre, Sciences 101.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2022). Catherine Cimon-Paquet | Student Success Series. [Blog Post]. Canadian Positive Psychology Association - Students.

Cimon-Paquet, C. & Dussault, É. (2021). Les émotions désagréables sont normales et souhaitables en milieu universitaire. [Unpleasant emotions are normal and desirable in a university setting. The Conversation Canada].

Cimon-Paquet C. & Soulières, I. (2021). Twice-exceptional: high intellectual potential and autism. Sur le Spectre, Official Magazine of the Montreal Autism Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group, 12, 3.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2022). Reflecting on our passions to change our life | Positive Psychology Concepts Series. [Blog Post]. Canadian Positive Psychology Association - Students.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2021). Positive Psychology: A Necessary Revolution | Positive Psychology Concepts Series. [Blog Post]. Canadian Positive Psychology Association - Students.

Cmon-Paquet, C. (2020). Experience. La Fibre, Sciences 101.

I was invited to write an article on my podcasting experience after winning the first prize of Science 101 Science communication contest in 2020.

Cimon-Paquet C. (2016). Perceiving the forest and the trees Sur le Spectre, Official Magazine of the Montreal Autism Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group, 1.

I am also a regular collaborator on ÉducoFamille, a blog founded by Audrey-Ann Deneault, a postdoctoral fellow at University of Calgary.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2022). La haute sensibilité, une histoire de tempérament. [High sensitivity, a story of temperament]. [Blog Post]. ÉducoFamille.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2022). Les nombreux bénéfices de la passion harmonieuse [The many benefits of harmonious passion]. [Blog Post]. ÉducoFamille.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2022). La satisfaction des trois besoins psychologiques des enfants contribue à leur épanouissement. [The satisfaction of the three psychological needs of children contributes to their development]. [Blog Post]. ÉducoFamille.

Cimon-Paquet, C. & François-Sévigny, J. (2021). Reconnaître les défis reliés à la double exceptionnalité est important pour toute la famille. [Recognizing the challenges related to double exceptionality is important for the whole family]. [Blog Post]. ÉducoFamille.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2021). Concernant la douance, l’environnement fait toute la différence! [When it comes to giftedness, the environment makes all the difference!]. [Blog Post]. ÉducoFamille.

Cimon-Paquet, C. (2021). Soutenir l’autonomie de son enfant pour stimuler son développement [Autonomy support can promote optimal child development]. [Blog Post]. ÉducoFamille.

Videos and Webinars

Canadian Positive Psychology Association

Giftedness and Positive Psychology - Catherine Cimon-Paquet and Marine Miglianico


Catherine Cimon-Paquet - In 2022, let’s change how we see giftedness!